In Khuzestan province, in more than 10 cities the people demonstrated against the clerical dictatorship. The heroic people of Ahwaz, for the first time since the start of the uprising, chanted “Beware of the day we are armed”. The 50,000-strong demonstration of Ahvaz under the repression was a model for the uprising. Izeh and Dezful and Masjed Sulayman were also volcanoes against oppression and injustice. These heroic cities with their martyrs and their sacrifice proved that this uprising will not stop.

Mohsen Adeli, Alireza Gamar, Arash Khadri, Amin Ramezani and Aria Roozbeh were the youths who were arrested during the uprising and were tortured to death in the prisons of Masjed-e-Suleiman, Ahvaz and Dezful cities.